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Series #05 Repentance (download)

Series #05 Repentance (download)

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Welcome to the School of Christ International Correspondence Course.

This downloadable course in a zip format, will include your Series # manuscript, workbook, question and answer sheet, and instruction sheet.

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NOTE: Be sure to read your instruction sheet included in the zip file for further directions.

Syllabus: Repentance

In this series, we discover what true repentance is. We are talking about two different types of sorrow. One is working repentance unto salvation, the other working death. Why are many people are deceived? Impenitent sinners think themselves to have repented. Why? Because of wrong instructions regarding true and false repentance. True repentance will bring a change of opinion, followed by a change of feelings toward sin. A true repented person is shocked that he could ever desire such a thing. He sees sin as God sees sin. But if something is still desired, and could end in happiness, many people wouldn't think of not doing it. They have not repented.

A change in opinion toward sin as a condition of repentance must be preached. When repentance is true the desire to repeat sin is gone. That doesn't mean you are perfect in your actions, but perfect in your desires. You don't abstain from sinning because of fear, but because you hate it. If you still have the desire to sin, then you're only convicted. Conception is not birth. Your opinion has changed but your love for sin continues. You are still a sinner. True thief who continues to keep the money he stole has not repented. We must be more than just sorry about sin.

Lessons 1-5:

1. True Repentance
2. The Naked Cross
3. I Am That I Am
4. Surrender to God's Plan
5. Degeneration

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